exp. was first published in late 2009. At that count, it’s been published for just under three years, during which I’ve managed to put together a triptych of three issues and two minis. I’ve kept the issues, minus one, zero and infinity, in print, but I’ve decided that it’s finally time to put them to rest.

So! I’m announcing that this weekend’s Toronto Comics Art Festival is the last time I am going to sell them. On Friday evening I’ll be closing our online store, so if you’d like to purchase issues from me before then, get your orders in quick: especially as I’m not doing a final printing, and my stock is very low for certain issues (at the current count, I think I only have about six issues of infinity left, and I wouldn’t complain if I got to TCAF with none in hand.) I’ll also be removing the download link for exp. minus infinity, so consider yourself warned. However, as a thanks for your support, until I close the shop I’ll be chucking in a pin set with every order, because why not.

Now: you might have some questions. First thing I’m going to admit is that although exp. is officially going out of print, there’s still some stock floating about out there (I think Quimby’s, for example, still has issues) and I can promise you that when the Attract Mode online store re-opens, they will have a small stock of the original triptych for posterity’s sake. But those issues will, eventually, be gone too. And then there’s no more! (Serious.)

(Oh, if you’re wondering: At TCAF I’ll be selling the issues at the Attract Mode table being curated by Matt Hawkins.)

Second, you might wonder why I’m bothering to put them out of print. Well, something I particularly realized while working on the minis, both of which had intentionally limited runs (though I might have some “Venus Patrol” issues of minus three for sale at TCAF too, though, ahem, I haven’t run that past Brandon Boyer yet) is that print doesn’t have to be “forever.” Part of what makes exp. special to me is that it’s not the internet (“duh”–everyone) where everything you have written is always available, no matter whether you still believe it or not. Am I proud of every issue of exp.? Of course. Do I still believe everything I’ve written in it? Possibly not. I think continuing to personally go to the effort to sell the issues as is implies that they continue to represent me, and I don’t think that’s true. It’s simply time to move on to the next step.

And by next step, I do mean for myself and exp.: while my career currently (working as a designer and producer on Queasy Games’ upcoming Sound Shapes) has made it impossible to give exp. my all, I intend to return with future issues when I can. I dearly wish to. And in the meantime, I continue to update our Tumblr and Twitter, so there’s that!

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