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I mentioned when exp.’s first three issues went out-of-print in May that Attract Mode had some old stock lying around, and the site has—after protracted gestation—finally relaunched today. Attract Mode is now a “video game collective” with a range of members including the likes of Cory Schmitz, Zach Gage and Steph Thirion, who will contribute blog posts and curate… things? I declined full membership as I wasn’t sure I could commit to writing posts on the site or generally being involved enough to think myself worthy of having my name up in lights (I still haven’t submitted anything to the relaunch of Insert Credit!) but if I can think of anything to add, I will.

Anyway, the last stock of exp. minus one, zero and infinity are now on sale in the Attract Mode shop powered by Fangamer. This is, genuinely, the final chance to own these issues, and in fact I don’t even know how much stock they have left. Attract Mode’s Matt Hawkins is currently in the process of convincing me to give them what’s left of the exp. minus three issues I had printed for Venus Patrol, so those might get put up on the store too at some point (and those will be the last of those, too.)

Actually, as I write this it seems that exp. infinity has already sold out. Hmm, well… good luck and happy shopping if you’re looking to grab the other remaining issues, then?

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