exp. Magazine is a video game ‘zine entirely written and produced by Mathew Kumar, a renowned video game journalist that has written for publications including Edge Magazine, Gamasutra, Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Intended to offer a different and defiantly print-orientated style of video game writing, the magazine takes the form of experiential articles written exclusively to be read on the page. If you find this idea, at the very least, intriguing, please consider picking up an issue.

Praise for exp. minus one

“Game journalism could use more writing of this caliber.” – Chad Sapieha, The Globe and Mail

“exp. exemplifies the kind of bold sea change so desperately lusted by the world of publishing.” – Jeysen J├╝rgensen

“Spot on and expertly executed … yet at the same time, exp. is laid back and fluid, never once feeling forced or over calculated.” – Matt Hawkins, fort90zine

“Much cheaper than that other high profile video game zine.” – Eric Caoili, Tiny Cartridge