1. What is exp. Magazine?

Please consider perusing our “About” page.

2. That didn’t explain very much.

True! Unfortunately, exp. can generally only be explained by being experienced (pardon our punning.) Our website may grow to include editorial of the style found in the magazine, or perhaps (as we have been urged) we will offer a special, one-off pdf edition of the magazine to help demonstrate its nature. However, at this current juncture we can only advise that if you are interested, the first issue is available for a mere $6 (plus shipping.)

3. Is exp. for sale anywhere else?

The first issue of exp. is available from the excellent video game culture shop Attract Mode. There is a wide range of excellent ‘zines there.

4. Didn’t issue minus one used to cost less?

To be extremely honest: it did indeed. To further this honesty: we lost money on every issue.

exp. minus one, as explained in the issue, was an experiment. We expected a loss, so priced for one. However, the issue has proven a moderate success, meaning that as we continued to send issues out, we lost more and more money; this was also aided by pricing our postage far too low (especially for international orders.) As it now seems potentially viable for exp. to be an ongoing concern, we have altered our pricing to ensure we at least break even; and any profit above that will be put back into the magazine.

In particular, we hope to eventually make enough money to pay contributors. Not that we have any at the minute.

5. What’s up with zero costing more than minus one?

Well, exp. continues to be an experiment, and specifically one that is created via small print runs. Other magazines have the luxury of being printed in large enough print runs that simply including a few more colour pages doesn’t make each individual issue significantly more expensive. Frankly, we want to continue to evolve the magazine, and unless the readership reaches a “critical mass” expect the price to wobble all over the place. But even then, we do have plans to keep individual issues unique enough that it’s always worth it. zero has a transparent cover!

6. What’s with all this “we” stuff?

Okay, exp. Magazine is, currently, entirely written and created by Mathew Kumar. But we’ve got to get a style in place if it ever isn’t, right?

…and before you ask, none of these questions have been “frequently asked” either. They’re more “questions we assume people may have.”

7. While we’re at it, what’s up with the numbering system?

It seems like making the first issue “minus one” and the second “zero” has caused some confusion, but issues count forwards, i.e. -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. However, inspired by Factory Record’s famous numbering system, negative numbers may be used in future.

8. You mentioned contributors. Can I contribute?

Well, as we have this new website, for interested parties familiar with the magazine we are very open to contributions to the site. The magazine is a little tighter, but we’re always looking for designers, artists and people with genuinely unique ideas. All submissions will be fully considered, though we may take some time to get back to you. Get in touch at mailbag@expdot.com.

9. I ordered an issue and it took forever to come/still hasn’t got here.

Extreme honesty again: as it’s just Mathew doing everything (while trying to maintain a freelancing career so he can, you know, eat) sometimes it can take him a while to get to the post office. He’s been really bad at this and he’s really sorry.

The one thing we ask is that you make sure that when you order your address is completely correct.  If you are sure of that and have allowed about six weeks time from your order, get in touch and we can ensure it’s been dispatched. Canada Post is kind of terrible; they have been known to lose issues! If we ascertain that’s what happened, we’ll work something out (on a case-by-case basis.)

Still have some burning questions? Why not ask us on the new exp. Magazine formspring page? (All the cool kids were doing it.) The best will be added to this page for ALL TIME.